Monday, March 28, 2011

Nothing to do with Class.

So this, like the Title says, has nothing to do with class, I think, It's just been on my mind all weekend and I wanted to share it. Thursday night, I went out to a Chinese restaurant because it was a co-worker's last day as she was getting transferred to another place. All of my co workers who went to bid their farewells, were 21 or older so they were drinking alcohol. I for one, am 19, and while that tends to mean nothing when alcohol is involved, I choose not to drink. I much rather have an  ice cold Root Beer or Orange soda which is perhaps why I remembered this. I like to go to events where people drink, just because, when people drink, they tend to speak their minds. Nothing matters so they just say it and don't hold back. This can be good and this can be bad. In Thursday night, this was awesome.

My friend Rob had just polished off his 5th drink. He loves to bicker about society and the man and all of that other stuff. So he began to speak about, social status? I guess that's the right term. So he says to me this:

"If you ever wonder where you stand in society, think of this. If you walk into a building, and your name is on the live in a high society." Okay so I think of THE Dave who owns Dave's Marketplace, just because that's where we all work and we know him and how of a luxury his life is. Rob then says:

"If you walk into a building, and your name is on the wall, then you live a decent life, kind of in the middle of society." So in our thoughts, we think of all of our managers who have their names on plaques in the store. They don't live a life anywhere near the luxury style of Dave, but their doing pretty well, probably have nice families and are generally happy with how their lives' have turned out. Rob finished with this:

"IF, you walk into a building, and you look all around, and the ONLY place you can find your name, is on YOUR shirt, then you live in "low" society, at the bottom." Now this is perhaps the easiest for people to connect with. So many of us have part time jobs. We work just to make a few extra dollars to perhaps pay for gas, buy food or clothes, or even help pay some bills. But we tend to make so little, and we hate those jobs. They're there not for a future hopefully, but to make a few extra dollars to get by until we find our calling. I know I hate my job. And the only place I find my name is on my shirt. I mean nothing to the company except another number in some excel spreadsheet that breaks down how much i make, when I work and all of that other information that a company needs to know. As long as my shirt is the only place I can find my name, I'll be unhappy, and won't be living in a huge house anytime soon that's for sure.

I know this has nothing to do with class, but I love this Idea. It really opened my eyes and made me want to push myself. I'm not saying that I want to get a plaque on Dave's wall. But I want to strive for larger. Maybe one day there will be a building that has my name. Or at least ONE T, and then I'll be happier living a much more luxurious life!