Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Karate Seminar

So I went to a karate seminar on Saturday and learned many nerves and pressure points and locks to do on people and I learned about the history of karate. The person who led the seminar was an 8th degree black belt, was in the hall of fame, a licensed and working doctor, served the air force, worked with the best of the best and was an ex NJ State Trooper. Basically he knew his stuff and he knew it well. Now, while his seminar was all on karate, and the history, and the body, there was one quote in particular that stood out above all that made me really think, not only in the mind set of a martial artist, but also as a future teacher.

He said, "Every one learns the same alphabet. A-Z, Z-A, it's the same alphabet no matter who you are. But, even though they have the same letters, every person has their own signature. No 2 signatures are the same."

I see this as the perfect quote to teachers, new or old, current or future or retired. It is highly important that while we strive to teach all children the same material, we need to realize that no two kids will learn the same and will understand material their own personal way depending on what works best.
So I don't know if that connection came out as clear as I thought it did through my words, but it makes sense in my head haha.