Monday, May 2, 2011

Social Justice Event

So A few weeks ago I went to a Karate seminar. I've been to a few, but this seemed the most interesting. In most seminars, you go and learn new moves and techniques. My first seminar was conducted my Grand Masters from Hawaii. They showed us weapon moves, as well as an ancient form that people outside of their style will never see unless they are, very lucky, if you will. Not sure of the exact way to word that.
This time. the seminar was conducted by a doctor named Robert McKittrick.
A short Introduction of this man.
  • New Jersey State Trooper
  • Chief Athletic Physician, D.B.R., State of RI
  • Physician at U.S Nationan Boxing Team/A.I.B.A Certified
  • Physician at Cranston Medical, Inc.
  • Was in the US Army
  • Graduated from Brown University in 1989 in Neural Science, B.S. 
  • Graduated from Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
To say the least, this man has quite the experience. I was foretold that the seminar would be on nerves on the body and the use of them in Martial Arts. I never dreamed I would be able to use this for my Social Justice Event, but as I have spoken about earlier, and as you will see, it was very connectable. 
Anyways, I got to the place, it was at a building called "The Battleground" where there was a lot of MMA training equipment. This building was right off of Main Street in EG near KON if anyone is familiar with the area.
Anyway, so I went in the building expecting to guy to show us how to use the nervous system against our opponent. It was this...and much, much more.
We started by learning about the body, the history of the martial arts, many different ancient masters, as well as himself. To make a long blog short, let me get to the point.
This man taught us about the truths and faults in our own styles. Having studied many different styles, he was able to figure out what was the most effective moves. What I took away from this was the following.
I have studied 2 styles mixed into one in my 13 year career of the martial arts. They are Kenpo Ji-Jitsu. I have learned everything in that respect and that respect only . Dr. McKittrick taught me to throw out that perspective. Rather actually, not throw it out, but make us understand that this can't be our only perspective or else the knowledge we gain becomes extremely limited. WE must be willing to see other styles, and take in what makes sense to us, whether or not it agrees with our focus styles.

I can easily compare this to this class and teaching. Working on becoming a teacher with a special needs concentration, there will prove to be very many difficulties in teaching my future many students each who will need their own individual attention, while still focusing on the classroom as an entirety. This is actually true with any teacher. Importantly I gained the idea that, as a teacher...what I think is the right way to teach something or do something in a classroom, can't be the only way that I use. I have to understand, which I do now after going to this seminar, is that I have to learn everything I can, and from there do what feels right, and seems most effective. I have to become able to mix different teaching styles to create a style that is most beneficial to my classroom and more importantly my students.
From this Event, there was one quote that stood out above all. I have mentioned it before and I will mention it now because it truly ties this all together.
From Doctor Robert McKittrick himself..."Everybody learns the same alphabet, yet, every person has a different signature" While I want ensure that all of my children learn the same material, it's impossible that every child will learn the same way, and with the idea of connecting every idea I learn, I will have to create my own styles to compensate and overcome disabilities for my students to ensure their learning progress.


  1. i'm sorry mat...for spelling ur name with two "t"

  2. i really like the quote you picked out of the seminar.. its so true

  3. Mat, I am sure that everything you learn from martial arts will continue to influence the kind of teacher you become! Cool stuff. LB :)